Horse Withdrawal

I have found myself suffering from a rather unfortunate bout of horse withdrawal…with a fractured finger and share horse with a potential manica tear, I know it will be a while until I am regularly riding and enjoying an equine companion again.

When I reflect on this and previous times when I have had ‘horselessness’ forced upon me 😉 the pattern is very clear. After the novelty of initial decadence of having the luxury of time post-work to get down to other tasks or simply relaxing has worn off (about a day or two…) I start to get itchy feet and feel very easily bored. I feel the need to get out in open spaces, and maybe take the dog for a walk, fulfilling this need temporarily. But it’s clearly not just the perk of the country air that is lacking.

I start opening the car windows past horse yards so that the ‘horsey smell’ can envelope me, giving me a very brief ‘fix’. I find myself scrabbling about for opportunities to visit friends’ horses- just a pat and a stroke and the chance to step into another rider’s shoes can just about do it- I start bossily suggesting exercises and hack routes, the next best thing to doing them myself…!

Then the lack of focussed horse time starts to hit me, and I inevitably get to the stage I am in right now- horse withdrawal depression- where I mope about, feel useless and lacking in drive. Day-to-day life has just a little less shine, as the spark that comes from the excitement of a possible forthcoming horsey adventure has temporarily been extinguished.

Now…bear in mind that this dramatic account is my feelings after just a WEEK of being out of regular horsey action. I dread to think how this issue might build going forward…

Luckily, I have plenty of study, exams and case studies to prepare for when my hands are once again fully-functioning. But, in case any readers were ever in doubt that ‘horse-addiction’ was a real and serious condition, there is a proven sufferer right here!

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